TAO's Principles


⭕️ Be independent and free


⭕️ Be intellectual yet down-to-Earth


⭕️ Be international yet act locally


Students have said that T.A.O. stands for

Tanoshiku = Enjoy


Akaruku = Be Bright


Omoshiroku = Be Curisou


Other students said it means:

Taru wo shiru  = Be satisfied


Arigato = Thank you


Okagesama  = Be Humble


It means...

Together we can make the world a better place for humans and animals. Active involvement with an open heart is what is needed. Only then will we see peace on earth,and happiness for all.


For Jill Jordan. TAO stands for whatever it means for each person.



TAO's Concept

Self-Healing and Self-Learning.


TAO is a healing center that helps people draw out their own natural self-healing power. Instead of solely relying on medicine and doctors, you should realize and use your own self-healing ability. TAO's self-learning center follows the concept that learners should not rely solely on their teachers, instead they should learn to become self-teachers and independent learners.