Lectures and Cooking Classes by TAO Teachers

Private cooking lesson (Macrobiotic/vegan/Japanese traditional home cooking/gluten free cooking.  One-on-one or group lesson) in English is available in Kumamoto, Tokyo and Kamakura.

Please contact  taojuku@gmail.com for detail.


Takeshi Hatano, The director of TAO communications and Hiroko Kitazato, the chief cooking instructor and calligraphy teacher and Tomoko Amano, cooking instructor and English teacher give lectures and cooking classes all over Japan and overseas countries about various subjects such as Macrobiotics, oriental medicine and philosophy, Japanese cultures and so on.


TAO teachers give an unique perspective on subjects like: food and health, living a natural life, environmental city planning, permaculture, oriental medicine and wisdom.

Hiroko Kitazato


Takeshi Hatano


Tomoko Amano