This program for staying at TAO's doing volunteer work consists in working about 8 hours a day with one day off a week. It includes food and accommodations. The term is from one week and up to three months.


You stay at a host family or a private. It includes futon (Japanese bed), laundry and bath.

It is for people who are cheerful, honest, responsible and hard working. There is no gender, race, nationality, age or religion discrimination.


This is suitable for people who are:

○Interested in macrobiotics and natural foods.

○Interested in natural farming, natural food and natural healing treatments.

○Interested in living a Lifestyle for Health and Sustainability. 

○Staying in the countryside.

○Hot sping lovers! The world famous Kurokawa hot springs are near here.

○People who want to start a new life and also to improve their physical and mental condition.

○People who don't have a lot of money to spend but are motivated and energetic.


We want to find people

○People who sympathize with TAO's concepts of education, health and enviroment. 

○People who are interested in learning about farming.

○People who can use a PC or know how to draw or make designs.

○People who can keep up with food, walks, and time.

○People who have a drivers license.

○People who know about carpentry.


Staying with us has this privileges

○Attending TAO's events and lectures for free.(while working as staff)

○A lot of books and DVD's in TAO School for you to view and read! Some of them are quite rare and hard to find!

○Detox, sawdust baths, super cheap!

○Organic vegetables for you to eat!

○Exchange with amazing people!


If you have any questions please email us at: